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By Firallon Adapted from Blue Rose

  1. A young child begins to manifest mage powers and is causing havoc.
  2. A couple forbidden to be together runs off to a dangerous ruin.
  3. The heroes must protect a noble from an assassin.
  4. A tinkerer is selling dangerous arcane artifacts to unsuspecting buyers.
  5. The popular new parties thrown by a noble are attracting the wrong type of attention.
  6. A Blood Mage cult is abducting people to use for blood magic sacrifices.
  7. Strange lights and sounds come from an old elven ruin.
  8. A dying miner claims to have found a mother lode of lyreum.
  9. A cursed item passes from hand to hand, corrupting those it touches.
  10. A demon possesses a living person to fulfill an ancient obligation made with a person no longer alive.
  11. Envoys are assigned to escort visiting ambassadors or representatives from nearby Banns.
  12. A friend of the heroes asks for help in settling a duel of honor.
  13. A respected noble is accused of serious crimes; is it a frame-up?
  14. The body of a respected Avvar or Chasind chief must be escorted to his homelands in honor.
  15. Intrigue abounds at a seasonal festival.
  16. An encounter with an ancient arcane item alters the heroes in some way until they can find a cure.
  17. The heroes dream about a previous Age. Are they reliving past lives?
  18. There are rumors of a Tevinter Magister still existing as a spectre.
  19. A mysterious killer stalks the nighttime streets of a city.
  20. Two port towns dispute over the ownership of a sunken vessel.
  21. The 'secret ingredient' of a fad food comes from the Korcari Wilds.
  22. A child or family is lost in the wilderness and is in need of rescue.
  23. Two embattled Teyrns are planning secret raids on a dwarven shipment of gold to the King.
  24. Darkspawn are gathering, but why?
  25. An ancient dwarven gate opens and disgorges darkspawn or other creatures.
  26. A new prophet rises up in Orlais, sensing the threat of a Blight growing in Ferelden.
  27. The Dalish call for aid against the werewolves invading their hunting grounds.
  28. Blight wolves and blight bears emerge from the wilderness to attack outlying towns.
  29. A young man begs the heroes to help stop a wedding because he is in love with the bride.
  30. Thieves steal the royal seal from the palace.
  31. Strangely intelligent darkspawn begin organizing into a mercenary company, working for the highest bidder.
  32. Pirates attack merchant vessels along the coast.
  33. A map to a lost artifact falls into the heroes' hands.
  34. Apostates organize into a coven and begin sowing dissent and misery in outlying farms and villages.
  35. A demon preys on dreams, twisting them into nightmares.
  36. A lost storehouse of ancient lore is guarded by possessed corpses.
  37. A terrible storm wracks the coast and islands. Locals believe it to be magical.
  38. Chasind barbarians, led by an apostate mage, raid coastal settlements.
  39. A wronged noble needs a champion to fight in a duel of honor.
  40. A child missing for years is seen running through the woods late one night.
  41. A quake in the Korcari Wilds reveals the ancient ruins of a Tevinter Mage's stronghold.
  42. The Chantry asks the heroes to aid in smuggling missionaries out of the Korcari Wilds or Avvar Tribal Lands.
  43. The heroes must guard a carvan through dangerous territory.
  44. The Chantry threatens to execute a well-known friend, claiming that he or she is an apostate.
  45. Accusations of corruption mar a deceased noble's memorial service.
  46. Animals mysteriously attack the local chantry, driven by an ancient artifact kept among its relics.
  47. A harsh winter leads to conflict between the Dalish and Chasind tribes.
  48. Everyone in an isolated village has disappeared without a trace.
  49. A fellen and dying hero seeks aid in achieving a measure of redemption and peace.
  50. A daring thief steals from the wealthiest people of a city.
  51. The planned site of a new settlement is plagued by darkspawn or worse.
  52. Fereldans and a tribal community (Avvar, Dalish, or Chasind) dispute the clearing of some forest land.
  53. Members of a powerful Tevinter or Dwarven merchant's family are targeted for assassination.
  54. The king of Ferelden must move the court to a distant city for a time.
  55. The heroes are assigned as the escort of a troublesome noble.
  56. Miners in the mountains uncover a lost Thaig.
  57. Tal'Vashoth raiders strike at outlying farms and villages, taking people to sell as slaves.
  58. An apostate begins working with demon possessed corpses in the Korcari Wilds.
  59. A Blood Mage cult hunts rare creatures to obtain strange arcane powers.
  60. Rumors arise of a corrupt gryphon in the Brecilian forest.
  61. The politics of the Circle Tower spill out into the most recent Landsmeet. Circle Mages demand appropriate representation.
  62. A follower of Andraste begins to whip up fervor against all magic, calling for an Exalted March to destroy the Circle Tower and more.
  63. An ancient dwarven golem is accidentally awakened.
  64. A region of the kingdom is struck by plague. The cure lies in distant lands.
  65. A young mage begins having visions of the future, which to date have always come true!
  66. The Orlesians plan another invasion of Ferelden.
  67. Foreign agents kidnap a noble's child to force cooperation.
  68. A seemingly idyllic village is a front for a potent Blood Mage, who enforces peace and justice through magic.
  69. The barbarian and tribal peoples of Ferelden contemplate war.
  70. Relics are stolen from a chantry.
  71. A Blood Mage or Apostate uses magic to grant unearthly beauty to any willing to pay for it.
  72. Mabari kennels are plagued by attacks from horrible creatures normally found in the Deep Roads.
  73. The son or daughter of a visiting foreign dignitary falls in love with a young knight in Denerim.
  74. The heirs of two feuding noble families wish to marry despite their families' wishes.
  75. A noble is poisoned in an assassination attempt, and the heroes must rush to find a cure in time.
  76. The heroes must enter the Fade to overcome a powerful demon's curse.
  77. Mages throughout the realm dream of someone calling for help from a distant land.
  78. A town suffering a blight claims they were cursed by the Dalish.
  79. A fire tears through a forest sacred to the Dalish (or other tribal community).
  80. A young city elf runs off to join the Dalish, but her parents insist she returns.
  81. The heroes awaken the morning after a seasonal festival with no memory of the previous three days.
  82. A mysterious performer, the toast of the theater, may be an Orlesian or Tevinter spy.
  83. A rejected squire seeks to prove himself worthy of knighthood.
  84. A contact claims to have information, then turns up dead.
  85. All of the children of a small community are altered or disappeared by darkspawn magic.
  86. A fiery Fereldan Noble agitates for a preemptive war against the Orlesian Empire to overthrow the usurper and liberate the people.
  87. A scholar asks for aid in exploring ancient ruins.
  88. A noblewoman's journal or love letters fall into the wrong hands.
  89. The heroes are asked to help break off an adulterous affair without the wronged spouse finding out.
  90. A few chantries in Ferelden have fallen under the sway of the Orlesian Chantry, attracting radical power-seekers.
  91. Avvar or Chasind raiders attack Fereldan settlers who inadvertently trespassed onto sacred ground.
  92. An intelligent darkspawn offers to establish a non-agression treaty on behalf of the Archdemon.
  93. A noble attempts a coup to become king of Ferelden.
  94. A girl in Orlais can perform miracles without magic, and receives visions from Andraste, or so it seems.
  95. A group of city elves want a settlement entirely in their hands.
  96. A group of werewolves claim they want to settle peacefully in a Fereldan forest.
  97. A ghost ship, captained by a shade, preys on vessels in the Amaranthine Ocean. (This could be changed to a pirate ship.)
  98. A noble widow receives advice from the shade of her dead consort. Is it a trick or threat?
  99. A radical noble appears to have the blessing of the Landsmeet to replace the current king.
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